The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
Join our Gypsy Feet
as we "set out to find America."

Time's moving on and we don't want to sit in a nursing
home wishing we'd done it.

We hope to have others join us in this latest adventure.  
We're usually good for 4-year stints, then on to another

More later - now it's time to sell or donate all our "stuff."  
Very cathartic!
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Join us on our trip in
Moby Who? as we visit friends old and new.
"Gypsy Feet"? - The name came from a dear 93 year-old friend, Gladys Eckels, my
first acquaintance when I moved to Venice, Florida in 1989.  At that time, I was a
home-builder-refugee from the October 19, 1987 crash which spread to the New
England housing market.  I went to the local church that first Sunday.  Timidly, I took a
seat on the aisle of a nearly empty pew.  The lady at the end looked at me kind of
sideways, but I sat anyway.  When the service was over, being raised to honor my
seniors, I stood aside to let her out.  She looked up at me and stated, "You're new here."
 I said, "Yes."  She then asked, "Do you want to have breakfast?" And so began several
years of fun with Gladys.  

She attempted to guide me in all things practical.  When I was looking for an apartment
and asked her about "Jetty Villas" in Venice, Gladys asked, "Can you afford one?"

"No,"  I admitted.

"Then don't look."  So wise was Gladys.

During those years, I'd come and go all around Florida and beyond, gaining inspiration
for my job driving a 14 passenger van and feeding the occupants a batch of my very
own Florida history.  (I never was good at real history.)   In those days, Delta used to
give us travel agents free tickets.  I used mine.

All that time, I'd tell Gladys about wanting to go here, there, or places in between - and
so, she made the pronouncement one evening over our weekly Friday night game of
Scrabble,  "Gail, you've got Gypsy Feet!"  

Gladys is gone now.  She made it to 96, but her words echo on.  Fortunately, I married a
man with the same Gypsy Feet.  We've been in Burlington four years now; time to hit the
At first, it was Coastal, an illustrated web log of Cor and Gail Hunter's trip from
the west coast of Florida to New England in 1998 on their 40' Irwin cutter.  Sponsored by
Suncoast Media Group
, it featured daily travel and nautical logs, photos, streaming video,
a guest book with comments, accounts of interesting people encountered along the way,
ratings of marinas and restaurants: in other words, tips on routes, sights, things to seek out
and things to avoid.

Registered viewers and responders ranged from a doctors' coffee klatch in a German
hospital, fellow boaters on distant waters to housewives with cabin fever in rural America.  

In between, New England was born - a website devoted to promoting the
crafts and products of Yankee entrepreneurs, both young and old.  This was very emotionally
rewarding but time-consuming and not financially viable.  The Hunters saw time slipping by
and their hunger for adventure and travel not being satisfied.        
SO, at last,
© 2008 Gail Hunter
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Projected time to begin is 1st to 15th of Feb, 2008 in our National RV Dolphin LX

Floods?  We'll move.  Earthquakes?  We'll move.
Getting crowded?  We'll move.  Too hot?  Too cold?  You got it!  We'll move.
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