Nurse Duck


Mallet's Bay

My name is Joey and I’m seven years old.










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Nurse Duck quacks louder and longer than
any other duck I have ever known.

With feet flailing, she propels herself right
up and out of the water to tell the world she  
is there.

But first, let me tell you how I met Nurse Duck.
I really wrecked myself skiing last winter and
ended up in a big cast, so there I sat,
looking out the window, waiting to see some
My window looks out on Mallett's Bay at
the northern end of Lake Champlain.  It is
very cold and icy in the winter, but as
soon as the ice breaks up in the spring,
the bay bursts out with birds, turtles,
muskrats and fish.    
It was hard to count them because they
swam around so much.  I know there
were at least twenty, maybe more.
You can tell a male mallard by his
shiny, blue/green head and the white
ring around his neck.  

It doesn't seem fair, but the females
have only brown feathers.  They're still
Family life is important to mallards.  
Mother and father share the serious
job of protecting their baby ducklings.
Now let me tell you about one family of  
mallards that lived in our bay.
My ducks are mallards.
This spring, I saw some ducks paddling
To Nurse Duck in the first person