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Manuscript - NURSE  DUCK

By Gail Patterson Hunter
10 Benning Street, PMB 108
West Lebanon, NH 03874

Pages: 20
Words: 1011
Illustrations: 19


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Nurse Duck

Gail Patterson Hunter

Grades k-4 (or older if interested in animal behavior.)  Especially good
for parents and grandparents to read aloud: opportunity to explain
family life and introduce children to nature.


nature; ducks; birds; boating; families; babysitters; safety; babies;
lakes; family behavior; hatching eggs; turtles; muskrats; seasons;
ducklings: Lake Champlain; Mallett’s Bay: Vermont:   

True story of a family of mallard ducks in Mallett’s Bay on Lake
Champlain. A domestic white duck joined the mallard family and took
over as babysitter every day from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, then
returned the ducklings to their parents.  This continued until fall when
the ducklings were big enough to swim on their own.  We named the
white duck
Nurse Duck because of her ”nurse’s uniform” color and the
duties she undertook.  All the boaters knew her because she was so
noisy. The book, illustrated with watercolors, gives the reader some
geography, some information about duck identification and habits,
and how ducks protect their young. (Available in third person also.)

Gail Patterson Hunter grew up on the water and in the woods
throughout New England.  An Art History major and Education minor at
Wellesley College, she pursued a teaching career sporadically since
1952. She taught art (K-4) for several years, then retired to pursue her
own art independently and at The Silvermine School in CT.  After
moving to FL in 1989, she taught beginner’s art to retirees, and tutored
seniors in computers.   She holds a USCG Merchant Marine Captain’s
license and completed several trips with her artist husband up the
Intracoastal Waterway from Florida’s west coast to Lake Champlain
where they settled in 2003. In 2008, the Hunters bought a motorhome
and set out on their next adventure. She is a mother, grandmother,
and great-grandmother to many.

Marketing: Produced and marketed Herb-Garden-By-Number;
including beginner’s book on herbs in early 1970s (too early!)
Design and management of website and owner of virtual country store. - since closed, and, also closed

Nurse Duck was critiqued by Mary Harwell Saylor
There are two versions of Nurse Duck.
Click here for Version 1 (first person):

This is the true story.  It took place in Mallett's Bay,
Colchester, VT.

Click here for Version 2 (third person)here for
Version 2:

The narrator for this version is a seven year old boy.
I don't know why I did this as it does take away
from the fact that
Nurse Duck really did exist.  Ask
any of the boaters she annoyed with her incessant