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Keeping Busy - Learning The Mechanics of RVing
The water system as we found it:  (in case you're interested)
top, l to r:

middle levers:

bottom left to right:
port for hose to flush out black water tank
port to add water to the fresh water tank (potable)
water heater bypass - up; fill water heater - down.
water to fresh water tank pr bypass tank for city water
tank to pump - up; inlet to pump - down.
outdoor shower (hot and cold running water)
hose to sewer pipe
pull handles for emptying black & grey water
Cor is "dumping" - Many campsites have sewer connections (see white
pipe.)  There are two holding tanks: one for "black water" and the other
for "grey water" (from sinks and shower.)  We have an electronic board
to tell us the status of the different tanks ranging from empty to full in
fourths - at 3/4 full, a yellow light glows. Red light - better go dump..
Other toys on that side (port)

1. One of 4 leveling jacks (l. rear)

2. Living room slide extended
1. Leveling jack normally
sits on concrete pad, but we
moved back to reach the
water.  Needs adjustment
after rain as it sinks into
ground.  Our jacks are
hydraulic instead of manual.
2. Living room slide showing one of two arms that support it.  
On some RVs, the storage bays are an integral part of the slide.  
Access is more convenient, but the flip side is the loss of bays
that extend all the way through from port to starboard...very
useful to long brushes, lawn chairs, etc.

Our bedroom slide did not retract the morning we were leaving a
Cracker Barrel in Bradenton.  Very awkward.  Another call to Alan
Pete's RV.  He contacted Conley's RV and they sent out Dave
to save the day.
The bedroom slide has a different mechanism - much simpler, but it relies on one shearing
pin.  Ours didn't shear, but it did slip out.  Conley's mechanic, Dave, showed us how to make
the repair, but I doubt either of us could contort enough to reach the unit.  it's under our bed,
accessible by very pliable people.         
 Route 66 to the rescue again!
Question?  If Cor is traveling, and has
picked up lots of water-works knowledge,
can he be called a Journeyman Plumber?

Here you see him  adapting our system
according to advice from last week's next-
site neighbor,
Steve Shimp, from New
Jersey.  He saw we were having trouble
uncoupling the hose, came to give us a
hand, and stayed to impart all kinds of tips
from his years of RVing.  Great neighbors.
Additions according to Steve:  Buy lots of brass elbows; put them wherever a hose
has to make a sharp, constricting turn into a fitting.  Bought and installed 4: to water
inlets and to both in- and outlet to our new big GE water filter which we're installing in
this bay.  It doesn't purify, but it will remove tastes like sulphur and other elements.  It
comes with a battery operated alarm to put on your fridge.  It beeps every three months
telling you to buy a new filter.  Grrr!  I don't like to be told what to do by a buzzer.  I may
ignore it at my peril.

Steve also advised us to get lots of Quick-Connects for the hoses.  If we'd had one, we
would not have met him.  Now Cor can put away the vice grips and channel locks; just
put the ends together and Presto!  Job's done.
First, he pulls the lever to empty the black water tank.  Then he pulls the lever to follow with
the grey water tank, helping to clean out the hose.  That done, he attaches the city water
hose to the upper left inlet, putting water into the black water tank.  Emptying that again
makes sure the hose is clean enough to put away for traveling.  Meanwhile, we keep
antibacterial deodorizers in the tank at all times.  And They Work!

Cor keeps a box of disposable rubber gloves in this compartment.
Enough for now.  It's a sunny day so maybe we'll go find the salt water.  Tonight, there
is a "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" party, complete with Margaritas.  Costumes were
suggested, but since Cor can't even find any of his shorts (still in New Hampshire?) I
think we'll let that part pass.  Lots going on here for joiners - any hobby you want.
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