Fred's Own Page

My name is Fred and I want to share my HAPPY THANKSGIVING with you.

On November 20th, my new family found my photo on the Internet.  They saw my sad eyes,
but also my gorgeous chocolate coat, and since they are nuts about chocolate, they
called the number on the Lost Angels website.  That got them to Sue Brown in Hudson,

Everything happened very fast!  Sue thought they sounded cool, and they thought I was
handsome and intelligent, so after they got the “high sign” from my fosterdad, John
Hayes, I took the long ride back to my new home in Venice.

It’s great!  So many dogs!  I love them all and they love me.  And I’m taken to the PawPark
every day.  I love to cruise the border and make sure all the other dogs are behaving.  
When a new dog comes to the park, I rush over to welcome him/her.  I have a great time
at the Beach Park.  First thing, I go jump in the pool for washing dogs – it’s shallow, but I
get right down in the water, then run and roll in the dirt.

Mom and Dad went to the Rescue Thrift Shop and bought a big crocheted blanket to put
on the back car seat.   Since they are pretty pathetic about throwing balls, they found a
springy thingy at the PetSupermarket – a miniature catapult!  Wow!

When I (read: “they”) get tired, we go back to Camp Venice and I get to relax.  My
favorite position is to rest my head on a little “foot stool,” ‘cause who knows what a
“head stool” is?

My name?  Sue named me “Bosco” because of my chocolate color, but my family finds
two syllables hard to handle, so they named me “Crutch” because Mom hopes to train
me to be a Service Dog.  Dad didn’t particularly like that name, and Mom kept calling me
“Fred” anyway so they kind of slipped into that name for good.  Fred was her Golden
Retriever and she’s a slow learner, ergo and to wit, “Fred” it is.  And they wish you a
Happy Thanksgiving too!
Dad gets me up at 7:00 every morning and
takes me on his rounds of the park.  He's
pretty heavy to drag along, but I'm learning
that it's easier just to walk alongside him.  I'll
have him trained in no time.
And Mom?  What a Dodo...she gave me
grapes before she learned they aren't
good for me.  Now she's getting me to like
carrots.  I'm not thrilled, but we'll keep
trying .
Fred: Chocolate Lab, 66 lbs, 5or 6 years, Rescue from Pasco County; Microchipped, Neutered, all shots, known history from 10/10/08;