The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail Hunter
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Go To Pete's
What would you do?

You are in the eleventh year of a happy second marriage.   Between you, there are seven
children, twenty-one grandchildren, and three + great grandchildren.

You enjoy pretty much the same things: boats,sports, some music, animals, travel, eating

You need to supplement your income (since one of you retired over 30 years ago, in
1974) and bananas no longer cost 5 cents a pound, but standing on top of a hill in
sub-zero weather escorting 40 little darlings to school across the intersection of US 7 and
US 2 starts to pale.

You realize time's a'wasting and there is much you'd like to see and do, enjoying the winter
in the sunny south among the top choices.

You can't afford two houses or apartments and you've run out of friends to mooch off of, so

Moby Who?
35 feet of National RV
a Dolphin LX
How did we end
up here?
Once we began to look into a motorhome,
the information poured in.  Surfing the web
we found many sites (see links) with clues to
the lifestyle, the costs, the pitfalls, the joys.  
We were sold.  

We combed individual manufacturers'
websites, comparing features, pros and
cons.  Now we were ready to make our
move.  Where do we start?  Right down the
road, at
Pete's RV in Burlington, VT.  
We'd eyed their stock for ages and never
gave it a thought.  But, this day, we walked
in and looked lost.

Lloyd Hier greeted us and asked the usual
introductory questions.  At that point, we'd
look at anything.  First we sat in a new
Forest River
Lexington with three slides -
very impressive and we loved the extra wide
living room.  But then we heard the price -
above what we thought we could handle.  At
that point, we moved to "used."
Class B?  B+?  C?  I leaned towards the C -
a little more room than the B and a little less
length than the big A that stood beside it.

Cor wanted the A.  He liked the big window
and the full view of the road before you.  I
kind of liked the little bit of engine sticking
out in front of you on the C.  Cor won.

So we moved over to the big boys: Bounder,
Daybreak, Windsong, Hurricane, etc.

Lloyd sensed our confusion and came up
with an excellent suggestion: rent an RV for
a weekend, see if you like it, and find out
what you consider important.
We felt great, tooling down I-89 with an
awesome view of Camel's Hump and
Mansfield spread out before us.  A car
came up behind us, passenger waving
and smiling, making us swell with pride.
When she continued to wave, and
then point to our rear, we discovered
we had not closed the bay door below
the coach!  Not bright!  

We pulled in to the Williston Rest Area,
conveniently nearby, shut the hatch,
and continued on, far more humble.
About an hour and a half later, we
pulled into the Quechee Campground
and "followed the traffic," a tradition in
our family.  When the huge monster in
front of us pulled into a dead end and
turned off its motor, we realized we
were in the section reserved for those

And so we learned to back up a very
long way.

I guess the campground owner felt we
needed help - badly.  He led us to our
site, helped us get pulled in and then
showed us how to work the septic
system, electric, and cable.

Our new neighbors told us this
attention was most unusual.  Now we
know we were feared by all.
Travel Rite RV Rentals in Williston,
VT took great care of us; picking the
right unit, outfitting it, giving us
complete instructions & sending us on
our way.