The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
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Spring of
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A Word From the Unwise - No Prophecies, Please.  A Sure Recipe For Disaster.
With everything on hold until Monday, we, as Cor's father would say, "took a ride in
the machine,"  down to the shore, covering 1-A from Shoreham to Portsmouth.  The
New Hampshire coast from MA to ME is only 18 miles, so in a few days of signtseeing,
we were able to cover a lot, especially Portsmouth where we discovered a retaurant
called "Popovers."  Finding no cinnamon doughnuts, this was a fine substitute.  Their
clam chowder is passable, but not as good as that we found at Brown's in Hampon Beach.  
Taking it from the top, we arrived at Pete's on Thursday, April 24th.  Unfortunately, our scheduled appointment
was for the following Thursday.  This being Spring and the time of year when Pete's has all their customers lined
up to get their rigs on the road, we had to wait.  

Alan did manage to get their electronics man, Peter out to check the fridge.  In no time, he checked the control
board, pressed the reset button and the monster went into action.  By this time, we had lost most of our
perishables, at least those we didn't play Russian Roulette with.  But we were better off than we were that a.m.

While there, we were invited to Mac and Bobby MacDonald's at Appletree Point for dinner - always fun to see
old friends.
Pete's graciously allowed us to stay on site, hooked up to their water &
electric while we awaited our turn at the mechanics for the few details
left to do.  During days, we sat overlooking the airport and read.  By
night, we visited friends at
Shelburne Bay Retirement place, where
we lived for a year, before moving to downtown Burlington.
Above right:  Don and Banda Colhoun (CT), Jane Figg (CA), Ginny Neiley (IA,) and Cor (everywhere.)
Kris came by as we were trying to latch on to our Direct TV satellite.  She knew that Don Asa at the Champlain
had one, so she called him and confirmed the numbers we had found on the company's website.  Who
would have thought it should aim, almost upright, into the woods?  It did.  It worked.

A neighbor from 2008 arrived, Rod and Brenda Blair.  We were thrilled to hear they are very familiar with our
next area, Exeter, NH.  In fact, they love it and will probably be down here sometime soon.
Another beautiful day?  When I was writing the woes of Coastal
Cruise, I remember telling Cor, "Be happy when something awful
happens!  No one wants to read about another .... day in Paradise."
And so, with great anticipation, we pulled out of Mallett's Bay on May 15th. and headed to Lebanon, NH where
we both had appointments to get our vehicles inspected.  We passed, but not with flying colors, more like spots
of oil.  The Pacifica has a leak, but it is covered under warranty.  The bus had a leak in one of the seals, but
that was fixed quickly, easily and cheaply.  Three good qualities.  Lunch at Denny's, then on to Exeter.
I forgot to mention one of the main reasons for us to visit Burlington: UVM Medical and Fletcher Allen
 For two or three years now, I have had pain and numbness in my right hand, arm and even left
arm...mostly at night.  I found it impossible to hold onto a glass (with ice and intoxicating liquid) so decided to
have it, the carpel tunnel, corrected.  My neurologist, Rup Tandan referred me to a neurosurgeon, David
Tramner.  After several days of tests, May 7th arrived and the deed was done.  That night, I kept waking up to the
reality that my hand didn't hurt!  It hasn't hurt since and furthermore, neither does the left hand!  The knee bone
is connected to the leg bone....etc.  And so it must be with nerves.
In Florida, my doctor cautioned me about "old people falling."  Sure, They do.  Not heeding advice, I grabbed
one cane and headed for the car.  It takes two canes to keep me upright.  One will get me somewhere, but not
standing up straight.  So, with head bent down, I sprinted right into the outstretched bedroom slide: Pow! The
blow knocked me back.  I lost my balance and took a free-fall backwards to the pavement, ending up with
banging my head.  Woozy time.  The result; another ambulance trip to Flether Allen, CAT scans; pills for vertlgo;
being sent back to the motorhome with a "mild concussion."  Woozy went away after a couple of days.
It was "Old Friends Week" in Burlington: visited with (in alphabetical order) the Dions, Bob and Norma; Patty
Griffin; the Nerbers, Phil and Gail;  my cousin Brad Patterson at Wake Robbin in Shelburne; Kris Teply;  
Champlain Dental Group for semi-annual cleaning;, and last, but certainly not least, Cor's daughter Colby and
friend Dennis Driscoll came up from Scituate, MA on Mother's Day weekend.   
For better or for usually worse, we signed an 18 month contract with Direct TV.  Who needs 150 channels?  I
suppose if we were in one place and the dish were set we could eventually learn to stumble onto our favorite
channels.  You know, old standbys like ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS.  Maybe if we took the time to read the
directions we could  handle this .  Now I know I'm getting old!  "New fangled" comes to mind.
I Actually Asked For Trouble?
Time:  Late Friday afternoon, May 15th.
         Place:  Somewhere between NH 101 and NH 108 in Exeter
                         Event:  A knock on the window as Cor was stopped at a corner - a man waved towards the
rear.  Cor got out and saw the reason - a blown tire.  We have dual tires, so the inner one was able to keep
on rolling as if nothing had happened.  So, on he rolled to the campground, prepared to wait until Monday for
any service.
And Then The Fun Began
Finally accepting what had happened, we settled into our site on the banks of the Exeter River - Beautiful!
Cor hooked up the electric and sewer, then came in to enjoy our evening drink before
dinner.  I asked, "Why didn't you turn on the electric?"  He answered, "I did."  Half an hour
of pushing reset buttons and tightening connections later, we learned we were to have
arranged for an account with Unitil, the local electric company!  And this was Friday
night...they're closed 'til Monday.  No heat!  
No television.  At least we had the
LP gas stove.  But wait!  We didn't
refill the tank and the yellow warning
light was on.  We might be able to
fry an egg, but forget running the
furnace at night.   Under every
blanket we owned, we sleot well,
awaking to a weekend of enjoying
the peace and quiet of our new
Monday produced a flurry of activity!  Dana Anderson, owner of Exeter Elms, gave us
the name of a tire company that would come to the campsite to change the tire - on the
left is Josh from
Stratham Tire in Brentwood.  The news was not good: the tire, rim and
trim had to be replaced.  Tire, no problem (except $500+ for a new Michelin which is only
tire to fit this rig.)  The rim was a different story - it would take 11 working days to get a
new one...and the price is no joy either.  We learned a new word: "simulator."That is the
shiny stainless steel cover - called hub caps in cars.  I spent two days calling all over the
US looking for a used one, or for a shop that could pound this one out.   As soon as I can
figure out how many millimeters our lug nuts measure, I can order one - roughly $400!
And then came Larry - from Direct TV.  We could not find the satellite, even with our Burlington practice and
compass.  Larry found it, but only after a tramp though the woods, and Dana sending over his man with the
cherry picker to trim some branches.
Far left: clearing the woods; Next:
Cor digging a trench to bury the
cable.  Rigt: from the bridge into
the tent area - Tha's us, in our
very private nook by the river.

but briefly
We like Exeter very much
don't be surprised if we stay here.