We spied a sign pointing to a gallery with a parking space.  So?  We'll park and look.  That
gallery wasn't open but the one next door was - so we went in and met a most charming young
lady, Jessamine, who, although we admitted we were not buying, showed us around.  The gallery
is owned by Brad Smith and had just opened.
The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail Hunter
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Albuquerque Balloon Festival - October 4 thru 12 - sheer serendipity.
We have just added a Guest Book to
our website, hoping you will check in.  If
you read that we may be anywhere
near you, let us know - and stop by for
a, what else? Cinnamon Doughnut.  We
may have learned to perfect them by
Not much today...it's my birthday and I'm taking a sabbatical

We arrived in Santa Fe last Monday - spent a week without a car, trying to force ourself to clean
up our act.  Very unsuccessful - the place still looks like Hurricane Ike had come here instead of

Picked up a
Nissan Altima from Hertz this morning.  What a dream car!  You don't even need a
key - just pop the button and it starts.  Caveat:  Just realized if you don't lock the car every time
you step out, anyone can open the door, step in, press the button on the dash, and if they have
their foot on the brake, the car starts!  It came with two wireless controls showing "lock", "unlock",
"hold", and red alarm.   Theoretically, you could cruise the avenue clicking "unlock" until you find
a pair of flashing tail lights and you have yourself an Altima...just step in and let 'er rip.  Crazy!

  Went for lunch nearby at a place called
Tortilla Flats.  
  We picked it in deference to one of our favorite Burlington
   restaurants by the same name (now closed, sadly.)

Celebrated with a tall, salted Margareta.  Cor had huevos, Mexican style with hash and I had
carne adovada for old times' sake.  The year Mary Erickson and I came here, we stepped off the
plane in Albuquerque, went to the nearest outdoor cantina and ordered the same...but with red
chili sauce.  We sat with our tongues in ice water all afternoon.

                                This time I had green chili on the side.  I'm told his is very
                                gauche - really has "tourista" written all over it.  But my
                                tongue doesn't burn.  This was one big burrito - enough
                                for lunch and a "box" for dinner.
A note about where we are staying - There are many campgrounds well outside of town having a
more ranch-like feeling, but we opted to stay in town, handy to everything, but with a car to travel
to the pueblos, Turquoise Trail, state and national parks, etc.  Los Campos works for us: relatively
small, quiet, friendly, very reasonably priced, and exceptionally clean.
See :
Los Campos de Santa Fe Campground

It is also dog and children friendly:  right - John, our next door neighbor - a
whizz on his bright yellow bike!
First morning in Santa Fe - greeted by a blue, blue
sky and the specter of a
waning gibbous moon.       
The air here is so clear, cool at night and in the
morning when you want to get going, then heats up
to the high 70s in the afternoon.   Petty ideal.
Day two started out the same, so I fired up my electric Go-Go cart and struck out to see what lay
within my battery's range...no doughnut shop, so I headed home, went online and Googled.  Hey!  
There's one on this road, Kip's Donuts right up Cerrillos Rd.  So, early on Day 3 we went in
tandem: Cor on his bike and I on my cart.

We found Kip's and we found a nearly perfect cinnamon cake doughnut!
We learned:  Kip's has been around for 20+ years; it was named after
a famous clown; the new owner, Ishmael Reyes bought it around six
months ago.  He and his crew make the donuts daily -
 "always Good, always Fresh"
We met the mother-daughter team, Debra and Nicole who make sure
all the ordered doughnuts are packed and ready to go when the
customers come to pick them up.  Kip's also delivers.  The biggest
sales go to banks, real estate offices, etc.  Their cinnamon cake
doughnuts have passed our critical taste test with flying honors!
One of my fondest memories of Santa Fe was visiting the artists'
workshops along
Canyon Road.  It was very colorful and
informal.  Hoping to find it unchanged, we drove out there late
morning.  I'd just read about a coffee house and it sounded like
the perfect place to start.

'Tain't the same today!  It's a BIG tourist spot.  The small, open
artists' studios are now big-name galleries, with fancy facades,
fancy prices and "no parking, loading zone" signs the entire
length of the one-way street.  (When you get to the top, you have
to loop way around through the town to get back to the galleries.)
The gallery sign on Canyon road -

 Jessica showing her favorite painting to Gail
And is that my Moose?  
A good substitute:
Other sights of Canyon Road:
Then an excellent lunch on the terrace at "el farol"
with a parking lot right across the street!
Our waiter,
One of many
Take a look at el farol's website - learn how famous they
are, and why:  
el farol
The  Turquoise  Trail
Moving South from Santa Fe
Main Street - Cerrillos NM
The Whot Not Shop and Mary's Bar.
See the two men sitting on the porch
of the bar?  Look sharply as they are
the only two living bodies in town.
kind of
Since we're on Cerrillos Rd, we
jumped off The Turquoise Trail to
visit the town of Cerrillos.    We
found this adobe church - not old,
but handsome...and a petting zoo -
(not-a-lot-a-llama)...and a modern
train passing beneath a large cliff -
we pass from mesa to mesa.
There's also a shop
(antique?) selling
tons of those old blue
glass telephone pole
thingies (resisters?)
Overcome with the excitement and hub-bub of Cerrillos, we move on down the Trail to Madrid
Ah, Hah!  Now Madrid (pronounced MADrid) is another story.  We counted at least
20 pickup trucks, 40 dogs, and several touristy-looking people wandering around in
the streets.  On the left, there was
Java Junction, just in time for respite!  We sat at
an umbrellaed table and split an enormous chocolate-filled and chocolate-drizzled
croissant pastry to enjoy with our excellent house-brand coffee.
Cor spotted and old steam engine in the Railroad Museum across
the road, but we were too relaxed to go see it.  In fact, a beat-up
pickup stood in the driveway next to our table,  Two 20-ish year
old girls were chatting with the guy in the car.  (Guy, because I
don't know if he were boy or man) but that's not the point.  The
point is, here's a gorgeous, clear day and the three
were having a great time, just jawing, tell-tale signs
of having been painting or sculpting or otherwise
creating art, not worried about the condition of their
car or any other material possessiion.
We wondered, would this be a life for us?  Simplify, simplify!  We'd have to get rid of that leased Pacifica
first.  As we drove out of town, we passed a house on the main street - Cor's comment:  "The only thing
holding it up is its reputation."  And we motored back to the real world - very refreshed.