The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail
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Moby Who was used.  

In many respects, she was in great shape:
layout, cabinetry, storage, light & airy,
electronic features, etc but there were
drawbacks.  As we didn't know the prior
owners, and because
Pete's RV was
open about the problems, I will speak

Smokers had lived here!  Your nose knew
immediately. We were told this coach
could have been sold many times over
had it not been so.  In the long run, the
great layout far outweighed the odiferous
Pete's  said they could not
promise to remove the smell long-term,
but they did put their people to work
washing, scrubbing, and finally fogging.  
We tried
Fabreeze - but that was just
another smell.
Moby had sat on the lot for quite a long
time so we were circumspect about the
condition of hoses, and other innards.
Enter "Route 66."  Lloyd introduced us to
the advantages of buying from a Route 66
network dealer, then Terry came in and
detailed the coverage of "Easy Care" - if a
problem occurres, call
Pete's RV service
department and they will take it from there.

The coverage was expensive, but being a
proponent of extended warranties (mainly
computer problems) and dealing with
"used," we bought.
The Makeup of a Route 66 Facility

From the moment we drove under the
canopy (nice touch in the typical Florida
downpour) everything felt A-OK.

Jeff, the service manager came out and
assured us that Allan had called from
Pete's and all was under control.

We were moved to our delivery area
site, and settled in for the night, safe
and sound except we had left blizzards
and were now under tornado warnings!  
With no cellar or bathtub, we weren't
sure what to do.

We had a Manhattan and went to bed.
Having left New Hampshire in freezing
temps, we stuck with bottled water so had
no experience with the plumbing system
until we reached Georgia.  That's right -
below freezing right down through South

At the King George Campground in
Woodbine, GA we made our first hook-up.  
One turn and the water left the spigot,
travelled through our hose into the tank,
then right on out the bottom, onto the
grass...and no valve was involved.  
Woops!  Break in tank and water heater.  
Call Allan, the service manager at Pete's!
Route 66 Procedure:

Problem occurs?  Call your dealer's
service.  If he is not familiar with your
particular location, he checks his Route 66
network and finds the dealer nearest your
projected path.  In our case, it was
Rivers' RV on I-10 in Jacksonville, FL.

And predictably, this was on the Friday of
a long holiday weekend.  (You remember
Crisis to Crisis Cruising?)

Not to worry:
Rivers' has a "delivery area"
where they park RVs temporarily and we
were welcome to stay there as long as it
took to fix the problem.  

Actually, it was lovely - we were backed
into a nice pine woods with water, electric,
propane gas, and a nearby dump area.  
Rivers is a very large, long-established
Florida dealer that has just undergone a
total renovation sporting  a comfortable
customer's lounge with big TV, free coffee,
fruit, and cookies, splendid restrooms, and
friendly staff.
Next morning we fell into the routine: stop
by the desk for a cup of coffee, then go
talk with our Service Writer, Lynn Leger.

It was she who either made our day, or
not, depending on her news. Was the
insurance claim approved?  Yes.  Are the
parts in stock?  Some are.  Have they
come in?  Some have.  You get the

Whatever, she always had a quick smile
to greet us, and that means a lot when
you're high and dry.  (I still think we're in
a boat.)
Service at Pete's RV
Manager Alan on right
Ed on the left
Our layover gave us a chance to see
more of Jacksonville than we'd intended,
but we took advantage of it to pull some
things together on board.  Things
always work out for the best (Pollyanna.)
17 Days after arrival in Jacksonville, we
are ready to roll.  
Jeff tops off our propane tank
Left:  Jeff adds
us to the service
Jeff and Cor in front of Moby Who?
Cor bids farewell to Christy Rogers who
gave us the word that all bills related to
the problems were paid and we could
leave.  (Lynn would normally have done
this, but she had to pick up her child at
school - early release day.)

All in all, a pleasant &
informative time.  We
love Route 66!
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