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The Albuquerque Balloon Festival - 2008
"By dawn's early light" we set out in our rented Nissan Altima (great car) for Albuquerque to
see if we could catch the
Balloon Festival without having to deal with monumental traffic
jams and rather sizable fees for everything from parking to entry to cotton candy...and Boy!  
We're we lucky!

Just short of the city, Cor spotted the first balloon, just a small dark spot in the sky; then
another, and another. The sky was still dark gray and the balloons were merely black moving
circles, not unlike the floaters we see so frequently.

Traffic slowed long enough for us to notice a Phillips 66 gas station at the exit to our right.  
Swoosh, off we went, pulled in, tanked up, then drove over into a corner of the field to join
about twenty other cars that had settled in for the sight.
Here is the pig, with a

"Howdy" to our bank,

Northfield Savings Bank,

known for it's mascot

"The Flying Pig."
The Bumblebee-
There were two of
these.  They flew
together for a bit
then broke apart -
apparently a neat

This one's for you, Phil

You Name It

The temperature was in the
40s. The rosy western sky
told of a warm sunny day
ahead, and slowly, just in front
of us the balloons began their
"mass ascent" - and drifted
aimlessly  to the northwest.
As the sun moved higher in the sky, it picked up the colors and threw them back at us.  We
had watched a TV news program of the first day on NBC the night before.  That made it
fun to seek out the various shapes as they floated by.  Not only were there brilliant
variations of the norm, but many companies had constructed balloons of wild imagination.  
Unlike Macy's Thanksgiving Parade where the characters are tethered, these drifted aloft,
carrying their wicker baskets of captain and crew.
My personal favorite
the Strawberry
so sweet and juicy
The Wells