The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
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Go To Pete's
May 2008
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May 27, - One of the last few days on the mainland before heading to the Outer Banks.
Drove into Morehead City to see the spot where Cor was dunked in 2000.  It was his
good fortune the wind and current were pushing Ambler (our Albin 36 trawler) off the dock.  
Lacking thrusters, I could not have bucked the elements.  It seems his legs weren't quite as
springy as he thought when he tossed the line on board and made a great leap of faith.  
Faith failed.  He was pulled out by men from a passing dive boat.  The alarm went out,

"Man in the water."
 The only victim was his favorite watch.

Today, we are still looking for that perfect cinnamon doughnut.  It continues to elude us,
but we do stop at a car repair shop and ask a mechanic where we can find a breakfast
spot.  "Back down Arendell street to the
On A Roll Deli."  We're getting good at U turns.

Great find, On A Roll Deli - just the kind of eatery we like: around ten tables with
comfortable Windsor-type chairs and a counter section; clean and bright with nautical
murals; friendly smiling faces all around.  This is obviously a favorite of locals as people
come in, sit down and are served their breakfast without hesitation.  Our waitress, Betty
brought the menu and I was happy to see
scrapple on it.  It was crispy and plentiful, the
way I like it.

Before we left, we chatted with Lillian Flynn, co-owner with her husband Tom.  They do
catering for groups and pack lunchboxes for boating, diving and fishing trips.  A happy
Left:  View from the ferry landing just seaward of the Tourist Information
center.  The ferry was very reasonable, $15 for the car, $30 for Moby Who?  
They did physically measure us with our added bike rack - the rate changes
at 40' - we made 39'.
I love gulls - one of nature's best garbage disposals.   At the ferry dock, I'm a bit dismayed to
see a
Great Black Back Gull among the Laughing Gulls, remembering how, when I lived at
Fairfield Beach, the arrival of the black backs preceded a storm.  

Perhaps this was just an storm came.  Next is a Laughing Gull - very similar to
Bonaparte's Gull but with a red beak and black legs.  Well named - they're raucous.

I took the rest of the gulls just because - just because they were pretty and I was playing with
my new camera.  Cor and I were thinking we'd like to be birds if given the chance.  Either that,
or Golden Retrievers.  What a life!  Actually, we were once, at a New Year's Eve party where
we came dressed as what we'd like to be in the future.  That's not true - we missed the party -

The last photo looks like nothing, but I took it to show the kind of day it was.  Find the horizon.
You can only see it by referencing the small black dot about 30 degrees off center.
Left: It was windy enough for this sailboat (40+ feet) to
reef her main, but happily, the ferry took the waves on
the starboard forequarter and we felt none of the chop.
The Ocracoke Lighthouse welcomes us.
The original plan was to spend the night at the ferry dock, ready to take the
10:30 a.m. boat.  It's free, but you can't pull in and park until the last boat
leaves that night - 7:30 p.m.  Most trucks have fishing gear - see right.

We had arrived there around noon.  There was room for us on the 2:00 p.m.
boat, so we took it.  Where do we stay that night?  We gambled, and won
(more or less.)

Armed with our new
National Parks Pass, we went to one of their camping
grounds on Ocracoke.  The cost for us "oldies" was a whopping $11.50 -
within our price range to be sure.  The ranger told us to drive around, pick
out a site, and come back to register.

We thought we had a great one overlooking the dunes.  That is until we
stepped outside.  No one had told us that Ocracoke is rife with mosquitoes.  
Nevertheless, Cor enticed me to follow him up to the top to view the Atlantic
Ocean.  I passed him as he stopped to slap the bugs.  Qute a hike up the
soft sand with two canes, so I posed as if I'd climbed Everest.  "Damn the
mosquitoes, full speed ahead."
Visiting Hatteras light was a must...but we didn't get out of
the day, long walk, not about to climb to the top
anyhow.  Drove around to the original site (from whence
we took this pic.)  The best thing we saw here was this
laughing gull looking at us with an "Says Who?" attitude.
Sightseeing Done, We Headed For The Frisco Campground
Voted the best campsite yet...
Moby on the banks of Pamlico Sound
View from our bedroom window in Frisco
Reading Debt
of Honor by

Tom Clancy
, by Scot
Watersports, plus sailboarding - photos to follow
Looked here for the doughnut - great pastries, but not what
we wanted.  They had cinnamon crullers, the raised
kind....not our cup of tea.  We want cake doughnuts, fried,
not baked.
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