The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
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There must be a reason motorcoach manufacturers love
brown.  Practically every one we looked at was designed
with shades of brown, tan, bronze, etc.  The fabric on our
sofa is right out of Victoriana - heavy brown floral upholstery
fabric.  Frankly ycch.  To make it worse, the bath area has a
7" border of brown/bronze dead leaves.  Not my taste.
Here you will see "Before" on the left, and "After" on the right (thanks to Walmart, Elmer's
Glue and a good sharp razor knife.  In case you are wondering what the spray is for, it's to
fill the toilet bowl with water prior to using it since there is not a lot of water in it while you
drive.   Everything is so new to us!  And I thought it was a portable bidet!
Cor enjoying the comfort of our cushy bed.  Imagine this: three
inches of memory foam on top of a four inch foam pillow top,
cut from a mattress.  It is so soft it is terribly difficult to turn
over...nothing to push against - you just sink in deeper.  We
were given the pillow top by Willy, owner of Willy D's Discount
furniture store in Colchester, VT.  We were looking for a thin
futon mattress, but they are all so thick now.  Willy said he had
a new, faulty mattress out in the driveway and if we wanted to
cut off the pillow top, it was ours!  Even though it was king size,
and ankle deep in a snow bank, we took it, and son Charlie
chopped off the extra inches when we went through CT.
March 25, 2008 -
The 18 th New England Telephone Retiree Luncheon
at The Veranda Restaurant
2222 2nd. Street, Fort Myers, FL
Left: View from our bedroom window
Note the lace curtains (boats & light-
houses) bought on e-Bay for 99 cents.

John Lewis, the ranch owner, comes by
every morning around 8 to throw balls to
his sleek Doberman,
Gator.  Right -
I went out there early this morning and confirmed the fact that he bought this lovely property so  
Gator would have a place to run free...usually chasing a ball.  Originally from Maryland, just
outside DC, John and his wife have a house on the water down in St. James City, where he
keeps his fishing boat.  No room in the city for a big energetic Dobie to use up his energy - so,
Voila!  the perfect answer is outside our bedroom window - we all win!
The March highlight for
Cor was attending the
annual luncheon of the
NET retirees who are in
the area: some live
here permanently,
others retreat to their
northern homes when
the summer melt-down
A gorgeous Florida
day, as the friends sit
beneath the banyan
tree for annual photo
taken by their waiter.
As soon as George
Murphy (organizer)
sends me the names,
they will be added
Meanwhile, not wanting to miss out on the fun, Gail went off to find
a pleasant lunch spot on the Caloosahatchee.**  Another fight with
the GPS ensued.  She kept running into roads closed for major
downtown construction.  I think they're rebuilding the whole historic
section.  "Road
Closed" at every turn.
Left - Ad for the
Crab Nachos
special - that's
what I had!  
Above: Joe's Crab
Shack - formerly
The Chart House -
very different type.
Much more casual,
but still with a neat
view overlooking
the marina.  What
a drink menu!  
See picture on
right - next to my
empty collins glass.
** I would like to note here that my friend, Fred
Yarrington gets quite annoyed when people say
"Caloosahatchee River."  Hatchee means River,
so it's a case of major redundancy!
Watch the cherry
slowly drop down in
the glass.  Didn't take
The Canine Klatch - March 28, 2007
If your dog was missing on that date, chances are he/she was part of the gathering by
John's fence.  My stupid Coolpix camera wasn't fast enough to catch all the action, but here
are the few I got.
John bribing Gator and Gretchen (a
9 year old Rottweiler) to sit still for
the camera.  Gretchen is a real
pussy cat. She sat on my foot until
she was ready to let me go.  She
belongs to Steve and Joyce Amman
of Meriden, CT.
Gator giving another girl friend,
Molly, the once-over.  Not shown:
Peggy Sue, the Shih Tzu, who
wasn't crazy about all these big
dogs.  Gator will miss his winter
friends when they head north at
the end of the month.
What I missed because my Coolpix (admittedly an early model) couldn't recover quickly
enough to catch the doggie action:  1.  Gretchen's owner, Joyce with her yellow lab, Jager.  
Joyce is sporting her T-shirt stating she can die happy because the Red Sox won.  Good Girl!
& 2.  a great group shot of all the dogs and owners.

Some campsites don't allow dogs, but they also don't know what they are missing
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Left:  Matlacha (mat - la - shay) - Once a small fishing
village, this colorful spot along the road from Cape Coral to
Pine Island now sports art galleries, craft shops, and
eateries.  This view is mid-morning before hordes of visitors
crowd the highway, wandering in and out of the shops.  We
particularly enjoyed a lunch of soft shell crab at Moretti's, an
old-time family  restaurant looking out toward Charlotte
Harbor.  Recommended highly!
March sped past - leaving us a little more organized than we
were on the way in.  Right - the bay as it looked before we tore
it apart again to fit Gail's GoGo electric cart inside.  This model
breaks apart into five pieces - but it still takes up space.

We left Pine Island two days early in order to see Brad and
Craig Hunter who were ending their FL vacation on March 31.
On the road back to Cape Coral & points north via Burnt Store Rd. - very narrow; little to no shoulders!
      Enter Venice - still driving two machines - not by choice.

Venice remains a lovely town, but not the lazy village Cor and I both loved.  When each of us
arrived years ago, the entrance on two-lane East Venice Ave passed through large spreads
of grazing cattle bordered by stands of palmetto.  

There are no cows today and the palmettos have been bulldozed under to make way for
acres of pink palazzos; all surrounding a lago (i.e. retention pond.)  Lest I be misunderstood,
while I ridicule these "lakes" - they are Venice's salvation.  Developers are required to set
aside a percentage of their property for 1. public use, and 2. drainage.  So, while the rural
feeling is gone, at least there are spots of blue among the masses of terra cotta.

Such is progress.  
We wish we had the money to buy up land there...we see another Naples emerging.   
The last two days of March were spent visiting daughter Ca, son-in-law Tom Eipper, and
great-granddaughter Kendell Koelsch while we parked at Venice Campground.   It is next to
Snook Haven, a favorite watering hole on the Myakka River bank.  The following photos
were taken during a rather hilarious dinner while we enjoyed the live music and the great
catfish fry.
Kendell's practicing for a life onstage -
making faces comes easy to her.