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The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail Hunter
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Put your bags on the cart
in Hyannis, relax on board,
then pick them up off the
same cart in Nantucket.  
Your Captain looks over
the dockside passengers
as he awaits backing
The Nantucket
Sit back and read or nap
for two hours on the slow
boat; one on the fast until
you enter Nantucket Harbor
Perhaps your relatives or
friends await you, waving
from the terminal dock.
As you approach the dock,
you see the spire of the
church at the top of Main
Street (cobblestones.)
Not Cannes, but downtown
Nantucket.  Truly these are
the holes in the water to fill
with money.
Dogs, cats, goldfish, all
are welcome aboard.  Fun
watching them scrutinize
each other!
Time to get around.  Two bike
shops are a step away from
the docks.  There are tour
taxis for the non-bikers
Bikes range from tandem to
two wheelers, to scooters,
both manual and power.  
Bike trails are everywhere.
Rain!  A tight group huddled
beneath a small tree at the
side of the Whaling Museum
View of the parking lot - notice
the large trucks (Stop & Shop,
etc.) waiting to load for the trip
back to the mainland.
Visit over, you watch as the
ferry is maneuvered into the
dock - ready to unload, then
turn around for Hyannis.
As you pass the Brant Point Light leaving Nantucket Harbor, the
tradition is to toss over a coin (it used to be a penny, but inflation
happens.)  This will assure you a return visit to the island.

We usually take the slow boat over - a good chance to wind down
before the fun begins.  Then, in order to get home before dark, we
like to take the fast boat back to Hyannis.  Just personal preference.

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