The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail Hunter
Go To Pete's
Feb. 1
Feb. 10
Hang on to your hats viewers!  You are about to go nowhere faster than lightening.  
We were leaving Feb. 1, right?  Nasty New England weather prevented that.  Snow,
sleet and freezing roadways scared us.  Cor was told by Alan at Pete's RV that once a
motorhome starts to slide, "That's it, she just keeps on sliding."  So, judiciously, we put
our tails between our legs and slunked over to our good friends, Mac and Bobbie
MacDonald on Appletree Point to spend the night.

Not wanting to inconvenience them, we planned on staying in the driveway, but they
insisted, and we gave in (with absolutely no resistance) and enjoyed hospitality, good
food and warm beds.

Everything works out for the best, and this did too, as there was no way in God's green
earth that we could have cleaned out our apartment and storage locker by Feb. 1.

Mike McCaffrey, Champlain Housing Trust's manager, came for the final inspection on
Jan. 31.  He took one look and said he'd give us until Feb. 1 to finish up.  He arrived
Feb. 1, took another look and told us to take the weekend, then leave the keys in the
drop box.  All this to retrieve our initial deposit which will go directly into the gas tank.

And so it was that Feb. 2 and Feb. 3 were spent in the same clear-out manner.  All the
while, the weather grew worse and worse.
We Make a Break for it!
Monday, Feb. 4th's weather report looked promising for a few days, so we hit the road
after breakfast and rolled on down to Lebanon, NH to get Moby inspected and to dump
a few more boxes into our storage locker there.

Son Charlie phoned us and suggested we come down I-91, spend a couple of nights
with them in Madison, CT and complete the organization.  Music to our ears!

I drove ahead in the Pacifica as it is a leased car and we are not allowed to tow it.  This
proved to be one of many blessings in disguise as we had too much junk anyhow and
the weight would have caused a different disaster.

We pulled up in front of Charlie's.  I went back to see how Cor's drive had been.  What
a mess!  As he bumped along on the back roads, a galley drawer fell out, everything
spilled, crashing and banging behind him.  You'd think after tossing around on rough
seas all thee years we'd have learned!  Now we know.

We had three great days with Charlie, his wife Stacy, daughters Emily and Erin, dog
Brooke, cat Spike, rabbit Lettuce, and 2 guinea pigs, Lucy and Willa.  Charlie put his
homebuilding talents to good use chopping the mattress and topper of our bed down to
Queen from King.

Now, finally we're off to another good start.
"Free!  Free at Last!"
It's hard to feel "wise beyond your years" when you have 88 of them, but that's what it
was like, wheeling down I-95 towards a quick meeting with brother and sister-in-law, Gib
and Anne Patterson at the truck stop in Fairfield, CT.  Upon looking at the scattered
mess, they made a very polite comment and went on their way.  We understood

Crossing the Tappan Zee bridge and entering New York State was cutting the ties that
bind...we were actually West of the Hudson - Huzzah, we made it!
Overnight Parking
A new learning experience - where to spend the night on the road.  (for free)  
We had read about staying at truck stops, Flying J in particular.  Several people told us
Cracker Barrel restaurants were very accommodating - when you pay your dinner bill,
just ask and they will welcome you to their backyard bus and RV area.  Timidly, we tried
this in Foglesville, PA.  Great dinner, great parking lot, even greater breakfast.  
Completely changed our iffy opinion of C.B. following a disappointing dinner in Louisiana
two years ago.
My Love/Hate relationship with GPS:  Reminds me of the old line, "It's me, not you,"  
but she does get her left and right hands mixed up now and then, sending us off for miles
into unknown territory.  She keeps beeping and "Recalculating" in spite of all our
swearing at her.  I have realized that 1) I don't always understand her and 2) I drive faster
than she talks.  In one town, she kept insisting I turn left onto Brisson Rd.  She'd
recalculate, take me through the cemetary and around the block back to "turn left on
Brisson Rd."  She was almost right - it was Britain Rd.  Dumb me, right?  Many times, by
the time she'd say to turn, I was already past the intersection.  What I have learned is
this: listen to her when she tells you what lane to get into after you make your turn, and
two, wear your glasses, Stupid!  I think she's going to win this one.
Keeping Ahead of the Snow
Fogelsville was February 7th.  Winchester, VA the 8th - again a Cracker Barrel where
coincidentally, we met the District Manager who lives in Fogelsville.  Now we felt like
family.  As we pulled out of this venue in the morning, an RV pulled in with a full foot of
snow on its roof.  Better get going!

On the 9th, we reached Roanoke Rapids, NC - by then reciting the Cracker Barrel menu
from memory.  Cor tailed me by several hundred yards, connected by CB radio, one of
which (his) is malfunctioning repeatedly.  

Santee, GA was the goal for the 10th, but it was elusive.  A few miles short of our exit, we
stopped at a gas station to fill-er-up (there goes the bankroll!)  We rechecked our maps
and were ready to leave when Cor said, "Is that smoke coming out of that truck?"  It was.  

The truck was a 10 foot U-Haul.  The driver came running out of the station having been
told to move it!  When he reached the road, he got out, opened the back door and the
whole thing burst into flames!  Cor and I backed into the woods as far away as we could

Flaming papers blew out of the truck, fortunately away from us and into the brush where,
fanned by high winds, they caught the tinder-dry woods, The real danger was the fact
they were being blown toward the intake vents of the gasoline storage tanks.

We back up a little further.

Fire engines arrived, as well as bulldozers to dig a fire break as the flames were headed
toward a residential area and school.  

After an hour or two, we figured we'd done all we could (backing up) and decided to
move on.  But we couldn't - the fire equipment blocked the driveway, so we settled back,
went into the gas station, commiserated with the owners and drank a soda.  

Three hours after the start of this little episode, we were again on the road to our new
best restaurant and parking lot at Cracker Barrel, Santee, SC.
To follow: Our first real Campground