Scenes from the 2008 Lobster Feast at the Champlain Marina, on Lakeshore Drive in
Colchester, VT.  Beside lobsters,
Phil Nerber and Doug Taylor
barbeque some awsome chickens.
Gail Nerber's delirious with lobster,
Manager Bruce Deming and wife are
in line and I'm into cotton candy.
The Chronicles of
Moby Who?
© 2008 Gail Hunter
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Rabbit, Rabbit!..It may be an English superstition, but we're not taking any chances.  I first
heard about it during WWII when several English refugees were taken into homes in our
town "for the duration."  In 1998,Cor and I were in for boat repairs in Portsmouth, VA. There
was a lovely ketch from England moored near us.  It was the last night of the month and
"Rabbit" came up in conversation.

They advised us it was proper to say "White Rabbit" three times.  We haven't gone that far,
but we do certainly count on one "Rabbit," spoken
before any other word to afford us our
share of good luck in the coming month.  And so, on August 1st, "Rebbit!"

              and then it began to rain, and rain, and rain.....
We left Mallett's Bay Campground and moved about 6 miles south to the City of
North Beach Campground.  We were a bit large for this facility, but Cor
backed adroitly over a protruding tree root and eased into a fair-sized spot of bare earth.  It
was pretty tight, and we were surrounded by pup tents big and small, plus a few pop-ups.  
We felt like a sore thumb, but here we were!
A knock on our door - we opened it to see a woman standing in
the rain.  She introduced herself,
"Evangelist Miller."  It was
then we learned fresh water was running from our tank downhill
right through and under her tent.  Much scurrying around to
correct that situation.  When we looked out our mirror and saw
her tent, Well! that was when we invited her in to get warm and
dry.  And then began her tale:
Her name is Barbara Miller, age 59, grandmother with custody of two teenagers living in
Syracuse, NY.  Two sisters had died of breast cancer after regular treatment.  She had a
cancer scare, and opted to try an herbal cure that turned out to be effective, so she decided
to study Alternative Medicine.

She was studying online at
Liberty University for an Associate of Arts degree preparatory
to specializing in Religious Studies and Theology.  But as Barbara put it, "The Lord spoke
Vermont" so she changed directions and applied to
Johnson State University where a
course in
"Wellness and Alternative Medicine Program."  is offered.
Fortunately, we were able to help her by letting her use our cell phone to contact the myriad
agencies, offices, etc.   We took her in each morning for cereal, banana, and coffee before
she continued her calls, most of which were the same run-around we get whenever we're
trying to accomplish something with a deadline.

I don't know, but I believe she probably has it all together now, and I hope her grandkids
have begun school in their new town of either Johnson or Morrisville.  What fortitude!  Wow!
On this dismal day, she had taken a train from Syracuse to Port Kent (1 change), then the
ferry across Lake Champlain to Burlington.  The dock is at the bottom of a steep hill, up
which she pushed her walker, laden down with clothes and a tent to Church Street where
she took a seat on her walker to rest. To make a long story short, a lady called and paid for
a taxi to take her the added five miles uphill to the campground where she had a the to us...and we added more water.   
In the midst of all this, we ran around trying to get Cor set up with a laptop computer...his was
kaput.  We bought a used
IBM Think Book at Recycle North for $130.00; spent another
$180.00 on USB adapters and a new battery; still couldn't get online; received a $130.00 credit
from Recycle North; gave the battery to Phil Nerber (he has an IBM); don't know what to do with
the Belkin USB adapter; and Cor still doesn't have a computer!!!
Meanwhile, we have water and electric, but no sewer or way
to,,,Cor fills his wash bucket with gray sink water
and shuffles off to the loo to dump it down the drain.  At first,
we regretted being so near the "facilities," but ultimately, it
proved to be very convenient.
History repeats.  We used to give a talk to many groups (sailing,
condos, seniors, etc.) about the 1998 trip up the east coast on our
40' cutter,
Andiamo.  Entitled Crisis to Crisis Cruising, it could be
summed up in three declarations:
"Oh, my God!" "Boy! Were we
and finally, "It's only money."  So, what's new?  I've always
been suspect of parking lots and with reason.  I looked around,
then put the car into reverse, and backed up...right into a 2000
Ford 150 pickup. Thanks to
Liberty Mutual, it's taken care of.  We
left without the car.  Cor's just as happy because now he has company on the long drive - me -
but I'm not so sure that's always a good thing.  We do miss the car when we arrive at various
spots.  I guess we could rent one if we feel the urge.  

The "Boy we're we lucky" part came when Liberty Mutual referred us to
Direct Auto Repair on
Shelburne Road in South Burlington.  That was on Friday. Saturday was the big lobster party
at the Champlain Marina.  We planned to leave with the rig and the car the following Friday,
after a quick trip to visit family on Nantucket.  

I wouldn't say we came out ahead, but the Pacifica got 15 miles to the gallon, and the rental
gave us 27.  Also, the Pacifica is a lease and we've been putting on a bundle of miles.  That
could catch up with us at turn-in there is a 600 mile bonus.

Right now, the question remains -
Anyone want to drive a car from Burlington, VT to the
Venice, FL area, arriving sometime in late November?  Let us know....603-667-7276.
That's $3000+
you are  
looking at.
Back to Pete's RV for some last minute tweaking before leaving for the big trip west.  They
were great and made the work coincide with our grabbing a three night visit to the
; Bill, Brad and families, and granddaughter Katie, who is expecting her second baby
on December 11th.  Below, some photos of
Nantucket Harbor, Brant Point light, and the
ferry.  It is a custom to toss a coin into the water while passing the lighthouse thereby assuring
a return trip to the island.  No one would dare test that.
Gail takes advantage of a few rays of sun to sit beneath the
cellar door and rearrange the "stuff" in the bay.  More trips to
Goodwill, and maybe Abby would like a goldfish bowl when we
get to Denver.  How did that get in here?
Even the rainy
days have their
moments of
Pop-ups and
pup tents
settling in for
the weekend
In our rental Pontiac, we leave
Sunday morning; down I 89 to I 93
through Boston and
The Big Dig.
The big rotary at the
bridge is gone!  Now you breeze
through and cross the Cape Cod
Canal.  Arriving in Nantucket, we
retrieve our bags from the cart
and enjoy our visit.
left: The Nantucket ferry is a great place for
dog watching.  Here, a feisty pug is taunting an
apricot miniature poodle.  No winner here.  
Right:  As Cor and I sat on a bench in the rain,
we looked towards the
Whaling Museum and
saw all these people huddled around a
sheltering tree.  No room for us.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of "our digs," what Bill Hunter calls the "Wellness Center,"
and indeed it was - an outbuilding on his property in Siasconset, no cooking (happily) but a lovely
quiet place away from the madding crowd.  We became too busy to write visiting Bill and Juliet and
playing with Mei Mei, their 9 year-old daughter.  One evening was spent at Bill's twin, Brad and his
wife Craig's house.  The treat there was some grilled fresh yellow fin tuna, caught by their son Jeff's
friend who is a commercial fisherman in Atlantic waters.  A rare treat!
One last night in Vermont - time to show the team at Pete's how much we appreciated
all their patience and work on our behalf.  Alan, the service manager was on vacation,
    but we were assured by those there they would save a piece of the
    "Thank-you" cake for him.  They didn't.  
    Pete's is a busy place.  Motorhomes, Fifth Wheels, Trailers, Pop-Ups                       
     all constantly being moved around the lot - so having us stay there                           
    could not have been easy:  hence, the cake.
So, on Wednesday, August 15th, we tied down the
cabinets, wrapped the glass coffee pot in towels,  
followed the punch list telling us to lower the TV
antenna, unhook the water and electric, get the maps
together, charge up all the electronic tools, and with the
wind at our back, we headed off for the Canadian border!